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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creating a Simple Photo Collage in GIMP

Creating a Collage can be something VERY simple to something a bit more complex. In this tutorial I will show you how to do a SIMPLE photo collage ( IN GIMP). Later I will do another tutorial on a more difficult one. There is a guide to the tools you will need for this at the bottom, as well as my sample collage I made from this tutorial. Have fun!

~Open up a new page as big as you would like to print you collage. Such as an 8x10 to frame, or a 12 x12 scrapbook page. Go to File, New, change the pixel option to inches, and select your size. Then hit "Advanced options". Change your X resolution and Y resolution to 300 Pixels per inch(ppi). Anything you know you will eventually want to print, you want to create at 300ppi. This will give you a great resolution for your prints.
~Use your BUCKET FILL TOOL to choose the color that your background will be. I always love either black or white backgrounds. This give your pictures PLENTY of room to stand out. But any color will do.
~Now it's time to add the pictures! Go to File, Open as Layers. Choose your picture. Once it opens up as a second layer, you can resize it by using the SCALE TOOL, and move it around by using the MOVE TOOL. Remember when using the scale tool, to click on the little chain link in the box that opens up. This will allow you to scale it by clicking the corner of the picture and moving it, it will keep the proportions right, and not distort your picture at all.
~Continue to do this until all you pictures are opened up...all on their OWN layers! This will allow you to move and re-size each picture on its own, until you have their size and placement just right!
~If you want to add a border around each of your pictures(like I have done), you will need to open each picture up on their own new page. So go to File, Open, and choose your picture. It will be put on its own page, instead of as another layer on your project page. You can then go to Filters, Decor, Add Border. You can change the color of your border as well as the size. I like around 30-40.
~You border is created on its own separate layer, so you will need to Merge the layers together. Right click on the Border layer in your layer Box. And click Merge Down.
~Now to get your picture with its border on to your Collage page. Hit Ctrl X (cut).
~Go to your collage page and open a new layer. You can do this by going to Layers, New Layer. Or by clicking the little paper icon at the bottom of your layer box. Make sure it is set to open a Transparent layer.
~After you have sized and placed your picture where you want it, you have to ANCHOR it down, before you can move on to any other action. You can do this by hitting the little anchor icon at the bottom of your tool box.
~Continue doing this will each of your pictures until you have them all on you collage project page. Re-size and re-arrange until you are happy with the way it looks.
~If you want to add text to your page, simple click the TEXT TOOL, type your text. At the bottom of your tool box, you will be given the option of changing the color, size and font of your text.
~To add the final detail, if you want a matching border around your whole collage, go to Filter, Decor, Add border.
~Don't forget to save! :)

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  1. Thank you!! I've been trying to find ways to do a photosheet collage and this was the best, most helpful link :)

  2. Erin,

    Thank you so much. This was invaluable in helping me make some ads for a new radio station. I've thanked you in the post. http://donnarobb.blogspot.com/2015/01/print-ads-i-was-asked-to-create-for.html.

    Appreciate you!